First, is Karate for you?    

If you are considering studying a martial art, I highly recommend you investigate various arts such as Karate, Aikido, Brazilan Jujitsu, etc.   

Once you feel inclined towards a particular type of martial art,  you should investigate various styles and instructors within it.    Find the right match for your personality and expectations.   This could mean the difference between studying something for six months and then getting bored, or, finding a life long endeavor like I did.  

Just remember there is no quick and easy path.     


Now, is my Karate instruction for you?

My Dojo will focus on Shito-Ryu Budo Karate rather than sports Karate.     

My instruction will emphasize learning the fundamentals and the basics.   This will mainly be taught through Kata with a lot of emphasis on the Sanchin and Naihanchin Katas.   

I feel kata is the absolute best way to learn Karate.   But, it takes time and you have to practice the techniques within a kata.   There will be a large focus on Bunkai Kumite for students to practice the kata applications.   

This will be done in a safe manner.

My goal is to  teach Karate as I have been taught.  I am searching for students who want to study the depths of this art.