Photo by Alexander Dukhovsky

Photo by Alexander Dukhovsky

Nishida Sensei devoted his life to the study and teaching of Karate.     

He was one of the top Karate practitioners in Japan who learned from some of the greatest masters of the prior generation (See Below).  His Karate philosophy was always to work at improving your fundamental skills.  From this knowledge of the fundamentals, one could develop the power and efficiency to effectively and naturally apply Karate techniques.   People from around the world came to his simple dojo in Tokyo to learn from him.   

Nishida Sensei spent decades patiently teaching and correcting my Karate.  For this, I am forever grateful to him.


  • 1941 Born

  • 1953  Studied under the founder of Shudokan, Toyama Kanken.   Received his Shodan  from Toyama Sensei in 1958

  • 1961  Studied under the founder of To’on Ryu Karate, Kyoda Juhatsu

  • 1964  Studied under the 2nd Soke of Shito-Ryu, Mabuni Kenei, until Soke’s death in 2015

  • 2016  Passed Away